With the rise in development of large scale apartment houses and condominiums, even greater is the need to protect them from the ravaging effects of fire.

We can provide the design and installation of the system required, whether it be a NFPA13r or a full NFPA13 system. We have installed automatic sprinkler systems in many of the large residential complexes in Charlottetown and throughout Prince Edward Island.

Fire Protection for Home Owners (Domestic)

Across Canada, insurance agencies and authority’s having jurisdiction are pushing towards a mandate to implement residential sprinklers in houses.

A fire can start quickly and without warning.  Sprinklers have often been called “the instant firefighter”.   Imagine having a firefighter stationed in your house and on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Ready to extinguish a blaze  at its early stages.  This is what an in home sprinkler system does.

The system is connected to your domestic water supply – the same supply that feeds your plumbing fixtures.  Sprinkler heads are installed on the ceilings or walls and come in a variety of  colors and styles.